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You won’t be going on coffee runs for the office in a marketing internship with our company. Interns here work hard, move fast and learn constantly as they cycle through various marketing specializations. If you’re looking for an internship that you can be proud of and that will impress future employers, contact us today. As our intern, you will get to contribute to real marketing strategies and campaigns, conduct pivotal research and have your voice heard by the rest of the team. Wherever you end up focusing your marketing energies, an internship with us will provide you with an excellent baseline of knowledge for all marketing areas, including product creation, pricing strategies, placement and a heavy focus on promotion.

Job Responsibilities

-Conduct research as assigned by marketing manager or director on audience trends, and present findings to supervisors

-Observe and assist with pricing strategies

-Participate regularly in brainstorming sessions for the development of marketing campaigns, and take detailed notes of meetings

-Own one social media account, including the initial strategy creation and daily posting and engagement activities

-Research, plan and execute one marketing campaign over the period of a year under the direction and supervision of the marketing manager

-Follow up on the outcome of said campaign, and prepare a presentation going over the highlights

-Attend multiple events/conferences in Europe per year and provide all administrative support necessary including managing marketing materials, scheduling meetings and watching the company’s booth at times

-Carry out administrative and data entry-related tasks, and maintain organized files

Job Skills & Qualifications


-Passion for learning and growing in the marketing field

-Demonstrated communication and creative skills (educational examples accepted)

-Ability to work well on a team

This internship is unpaid, but the expenses related to the company are paid, such as the travel and accommodation expenses when traveling in Europe to events and conferences etc.
There is a possibility for a full time paid job after the internship and the possibility to be one of the first employees and be part of the founding team.
Stock options is an open possibility for the founding team! with your resume.

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