On behalf of CyprusInno, co-founders Burak Doluay and Steven Stavrou, we would like to extend our warmest gratitude and a huge thank you to all those who attended and actively participated in our Inter-Communal Business Forum + Mixer and yet again made history with us on August 31, 2018 at the Home for Cooperation in the UN Buffer Zone.

The significance of last Friday for us and for our island is explained simply with a short anecdote. CyprusInno hosted its first Inter-Communal Business Mixer networking event in December of 2016 and saw a humble attendance of 30 dedicated entrepreneurs from both north and south Cyprus huddled around a table sharing ideas. On Friday, August 31, 2018, just 21 months later, CyprusInno’s Inter-Communal Business Forum + Mixer throughout the night brought together over 150 Cypriots and other Cyprus-based community members of all ages and backgrounds from all over the island as we all gathered inside and outside the peaceful and hospitable Home for Cooperation and made history as part of Cyprus’s largest inter-communal business gathering to date. Another 1,800+ joined us online from all over the world and tuned into the live stream. We were so inspired by the wonderful, vibrant exchange of ideas and all of the amazing individuals who represented either themselves, their innovative projects, ideas, and/or businesses at our mixer networking event, as well as the brilliant expert panel who shared insights during the Forum on inter-communal business, including but not limited to Green Line Regulations, the prospective economy of a united Cyprus, practical examples of inter-communal business cooperation, and the benefits and challenges of working together.

For many of those who attended our event for the first time, we thank you for coming and for actively participating. We saw a lot of new faces! For those who joined us again, we thank you for continuously playing such an integral role in our community and in the bi-zonal, inter-communal entrepreneurial ecosystem we are building together. We continue to be inspired by success stories of business collaborations between various communities in Cyprus, north and south. In addition, we continue to witness how entrepreneurship brings many to the Buffer Zone for the first time, and gives many the opportunity to meet someone from the "other side" for the first time.

In order to strengthen relationships and cooperation among all those within Cyprus’ island-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem and encourage bi-zonal entrepreneurship, we partnered with various organizations who helped make this event possible, and would like to send a special thanks to those partners: DisruptCyprus.com (official media partner), Chrysalis Leap, GİGEM, Startup Cyprus, Startup Kibris, KPMG Cyprus, İŞAD, Cypriot Enterprise Link, Goffice, COlive, Youth Business Network, Greater Nicosia 2021, ARIS, Sapienta Economics, Center for Social Innovation. We would also like to thank both the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, as well as the British High Commission Nicosia for their support. A special thanks to our sponsor - the U.S. Embassy Nicosia.

Special thanks also goes out to our expert panel: Mr. Manthos Mavrommatis (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Mr. Izzet Adiloglu (Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce), Ms. Fiona Mullen (Sapienta Economics), and Mr. Mete Hata (PRIO Cyprus).

CyprusInno was founded on the principle of using entrepreneurship and innovation as peace-building mechanisms to engage Cypriots across both sides of the island. We were humbled to witness our model in action. Business - economic opportunity and entrepreneurial capital - truly bring people together in what is becoming Cyprus’s inter-communal, bi-zonal entrepreneurial ecoystem. The information presented at the forum, along with the discussions that took place and the Q&A session on inter-communal business will be reviewed and discussed by relevant parties in order to produce actionable next steps in promoting, encouraging, and supporting bi-zonal entrepreneurship collaboration. We will provide follow-ups over the next few months regarding outcomes of the Forum.

If you haven't already, don't forget to join our community of over 2,000 innovators island-wide. We invite you to use our platform to further connect online and use all the tools available to support your future growth and success.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Towards a united Cyprus through entrepreneurship and innovation,

The CyprusInno Team

P.S. Thank you to our wonderful photographers Mete Azizoğlu and Bugche Bozkurt, and our media sponsors DisruptCyprus.com & Panis Pieri for the live stream!



Author: cyprusinno


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