On behalf of the CyprusInno team, we would like to extend our warmest gratitude and a huge thank you to all those who attended and actively participated in our SDGs in Business + 5th Business Mixer and yet again made history with us on March 29, 2019 at Ledra Palace in the UN Buffer Zone.

We remain inspired each event by the vibrant exchange of ideas and all of the amazing individuals who represent either themselves, their innovative projects, ideas, and/or businesses, as well as the commitment of these individuals and organizations to partner across Cyprus on the SDGs. Thank you for continuously playing such an integral role in our community and in the island-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem we are building together. It’s incredible to witness how people from various backgrounds and ideologies can find common ground to unite and address our common challenges, and how entrepreneurship can be the driving force for both social and economic development island-wide.

A special thanks to our nearly 30 partners and supporters in Cyprus’ island-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem who came together to help make this event possible: Οργανισμός Νεολαίας Κύπρου / Youth Board of Cyprus, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kıbrıs Türk Ticaret Odası - Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Embassy Cyprus, and the British High Commission Nicosia, KPMG Cyprus, Chrysalis LEAP, Deloitte IEC / ARIS | A Really Inspiring Space, Girne Gençlik Gelişim Merkezi - GİGEM (Youth Center Kyrenia), Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL), Center for Social Innovation (CSI), Startup Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Businessmen Association - Kıbrıs Türk İşadamları Derneği (İŞAD), Cyprus Research and Innovation Center (CyRIC), Gravity Ventures, Centre for Entrepreneurship - C4E, University of Cyprus, İnsan Kaynakları Yönetimi Derneği (IKYD), SYNTHESIS Center for Research & Education, Goffice, Colive Oil, Global Shapers Nicosia, Turkish Cypriot Association of Managers (KTYD), Digital Cyprus, Lead Cyprus, Project Phoenix, Gnous Labs, Future Worlds Center, and Cyprus v.U.

Many thanks also to Giorgos Stylianou for the wonderful photos, Panis Pieri for the marketing support, and the guys at O-LIVE for treating us all to their amazing local Cypriot organic products, including their incredible beers 


Author: cyprusinno


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