Introducing one of the six selected startups for CyprusInno's inaugural Bi-Communal Startup Mentorship Programme, Birth Forward!

Birth Forward is a bi-communal NGO that "empowers mothers, fathers and professionals, supporting them to make autonomous decisions with a conscious use of technology while respecting the nature of preconception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.”

Birth Forward's vision is to nurture and promote a supportive community of conscious, loving adults who have the ability to make connected, informed and empowered decisions about natural pre-conception, pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Birth Forward CEO Veronika Christodoulides is being mentored by Nea Stereotis Commercial Director Charis Michael.

"So far it’s been tremendously helpful to me and our organisation. Also, I think both of us are really enjoying it." - Veronika Christodoulides, CEO, Birth Forward

"It is a great experience working with Veronika. We meet on a weekly basis at my office (Every monday morning) and we spend 1.5 hours talking and analysing issues, challenges and organizational difficulties they are facing. So far we met 3 times!" - Charis Michael, Commercial Director, Nea Stereotis



Author: cyprusinno


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