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This article originally appeared on LinkedIn on January 21, 2017 by Demetris Stefani


Have you ever heard of the word disruption? I am sure you did. Maybe a client asked for a disruptive idea, or your manager requested for a disruptive solution because he read it somewhere.

Marketeers have the power to disrupt. Changing the business scene means changing everything and before doing that there should be a common culture within the organization or the team.

Disruption is not only about small businesses or startups and disruption does not necessarily mean growth hacking or marketing on a shoestring.

If you are working with an established business you can bring disruption. I am sure you felt that ache in your stomach when you saw a startup or an small business take a spoonful of your market share and even though they are not directly affecting your business, it still hurts. The main reason this impacts your business is because they found a way to make things differently, more efficient, more fast and they are taking care of your clients better than you thought you do.

Disruption lies between your customers needs, their expectations and managing to make your product the enabler that supports their dreams. Your product under disruption means the answer to your customers pain-points, their values and their reason to be aspired and inspired.

Disruption starts and ends with experimentation.

Experimentation is the growth engine that enables disruptive brands bring radical change into their environment and differentiate. Companies like easy jet, deliveroo or even giphy know that research and development in 2017 is enabled through trial and error! Disruptive brands plan to win in the digital economy by being adventurous, stimulating and intuitive in levels that create a market out of their own name.

At the end of the day brands who want to survive will understand that customers no longer respond to old fashioned marketing or un-adventurous tactical techniques. The customer of 2017 needs you to be different, surprising and engaging.

How are you going to survive in 2017?

By making your customers part of the game you will enable disruptive intuition. This means a culture of change within the organization at all levels. The first step is to establish the need to test everything. By taking into consideration every process of your business that has to do with your client you will be in position to question the possibilities of making things differently. Beyond experimentation you need to record data and be able to analyse the trend. By translating data into knowledge you will have the ability to align all of your offerings with your customers attributes of satisfaction.

Combining knowledge with creativity will unleash the emotional hot buttons that make your customers click, tick and flick in a way that will make them fall in love with you all over again.


Source: LinkedIn - Demetris Stefani - Digital Marketing Professional

Author: cyprusinno


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