ChallengesCategory: YouthHow Do We Avoid An Island-Wide “Brain Drain”?
cyprusinno Staff asked 1 year ago

Many young Cypriots leave Cyprus for better, higher paying jobs, or for other educational opportunities.  How do we keep our best, youngest, and most talented individuals on the island and invested in the island to be a part of its future and to create its future?

Burak Staff replied 11 months ago

Certainly, this is a very relevant question for Cyprus – as stated previously at the 2016 meeting of World Economic Forum, it is a challenge to create 75 million entrepreneurs worldwide out of 75 million unemployed young persons. A way that can avoid an island-wide “brain drain” is the focus on social entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on small and poor cities. A group including myself is currently focusing on this topic. What do you think? Feel free to write, discuss, propose your ideas and follow us on ResearchGate:

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