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Introducing one of the six selected startups for CyprusInno's inaugural Bi-Communal Startup Mentorship Programme, Controlley!

Founded by mentee George Papageorgiou and Anand Popatlal, Controlley (The Conscious Trolley) is a collaborative social change platform, bringing together and incentivizing people, NGOs and companies to join forces to crowdsource, crowdfund, and implement common benefit social projects and campaigns.

Controlley currently focuses on exploring ways on how “conscious commerce” can be the new smart way of being more “profitable” for ourselves, the society, and the planet.  Controlley wants to show that it can be profitable to do good, partly because modern consumers make more educated, informed, and conscious buying choices.

Controlley wants to make it easy, fun and rewarding for people to engage in the so called “Social Projects,” which provide opportunities for anyone who wants to practice responsible living and become active in collaborative activities that create “shared” social value.  Their next big goal is to gradually allow their “Social Projects” to grow into vehicles of social innovation, where addressing the root causes of social problems with entrepreneurial activities makes the old philanthropy model of doing good obsolete and unnecessary.  The startup consider itself a social enterprise, and invites anyone who shares its passion for social change join it to form partnerships that can generate long lasting social footprints.

Controlley Co-founders, Anand  Popatlal and George Papageorgiou are being mentored by Serial Entrepreneur and Investor Tunc Yalgin.

"I have to say that even being selected to participate in this has already boosted our confidence and given us more incentives and motivation to work harder to make this work." - George Papageorgiou, Co-founder, Controlley

Author: cyprusinno


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