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The Digital Opportunity- Digital Marketing and Growth cyprus cyprusinno cyinno knowledge lab

The Digital Opportunity: Unlock Rapid Growth

By James Phillips King

Course Overview

Transcend feature differentiation and unlock rapid growth with a customer-centric approach. We now live in a hyperconnected world. Every minute of our waking hours is filled with fast-paced content. And the fight to capture and retain attention against the steady stream of notifications and expectation of instant gratification is harder than ever. At the same time, the pace of innovation has accelerated to a point where features can be copied overnight by a growing list of competitors. Despite this, there are incredible new opportunities. Startups like Slack, Twilio, and Intercom have achieved rapid revenue growth despite the increasingly competitive environment. To succeed in this new world, startups need to rethink the traditional approach to marketing. In this course, you’re going to learn how to build a brand that connects with your customers on an emotional level, bolstering your market position. We’ll show you how to understand your customers, tell a compelling story, and implement a growth framework that unlocks hidden opportunities.  The content for this course has been developed in partnership with Empact Ventures and Zealous Digital.

Course Features

7 Modules, 16 Lessons

Skill Level: All Levels

Languages: English

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2:10 hours of material

10 Quizzes


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