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Course Overview

This course will provide you with an introduction to entrepreneurship, covering key terms you need to know when engaging with the world of entrepreneurship and giving you an idea of what it means to be an entrepreneur, why entrepreneurship is important, what skills you need and some case studies of local entrepreneurs. At the end, you will also find additional resources that expand on the points discussed in this course and give you valuable insights leading up to the next course, Developing An Idea & Validating The Opportunity.  The aim of this course is to help you define entrepreneurship for yourself, determine what type of entrepreneur you are or want to be and which type of business you might want to launch. Furthermore, you should become familiar with the risks and opportunities that entrepreneurship presents. The content for this course has been developed in partnership with Empact Ventures.

Course Features

6 Modules, 16 Lessons

Skill Level: All Levels

Languages: English

Certificate of Completion

Achievement Badge

7:21 hours of material including 14 Videos (4:27 hours)

9 Quizzes, 5 Practical Exercises


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