New online hub connects entrepreneurs and innovators to encourage economic growth, opportunity, and peace


NICOSIA, SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 - CyprusInno has officially announced the beta launch of its platform,, which offers the island’s very first online community collaboration where like-minded entrepreneurs and problem-solvers from both sides of the island can come together to promote economic growth and opportunity, entrepreneurship, and regional peace.

With its platform, the CyprusInno team has masterminded a new model that connects innovative thinkers within a network that offers vast resources to inspire and motivate freethinking and change.

“I believe in economic freedom and entrepreneurial capital as tools for peace and prosperity,” said Steven Stavrou, CyprusInno co-founder. “Aside from being an important driver of economic development, entrepreneurship is also an instrumental peace-building mechanism.”

The CyprusInno platform seamlessly delivers a dynamic portfolio of features including a community search tool for registered members to connect and find co-founders, advisors, investors, and others, a startup job board (part of an initiative to tackle high unemployment amongst youth), and an events calendar with startup and innovation events happening across the island. Furthermore, the CyprusInno team has introduced Challenges, a forum that gives Cypriot innovators the chance to weigh in on challenges faced by the entire island. Registered users can pose challenges, propose solutions to open challenges, comment and vote on solutions, and connect with other locals to collaborate and solve island-wide issues.

CyprusInno also stands as the largest database of startups of all kinds in Cyprus and the first and only project to map startups on either side of the island, both north and south, bringing a whole new level of entrepreneurial community to the island.  In addition to featuring startups, the map also includes incubators and accelerators, centers of excellence in entrepreneurship, technology, and research, and island-wide collaborations. The team behind CyprusInno recognizes that entrepreneurs hold the key to Cyprus’ future, and the site aims to support startups across the region with a single, easy-to-use platform for connectivity and collaboration with a mission to connect and lift Cyprus through entrepreneurship and innovation, and to further engage peacefully both north and south communities.

CyprusInno views the financial crisis of 2013 as a major driving force behind the island’s entrepreneurial revolution, and the platform has been designed to give millennial entrepreneurs and other innovators a place where they can work together to reclaim the Cyprus Dream and lead Cyprus on the global stage.

“Entrepreneurs drive technological, social, and political innovation by challenging what exists and asking, ‘What’s next?’ It is this very essence that will lead Cyprus, an island divided for over 42 years, to join together towards a new future,” said Stavrou.

The CyprusInno team sees the platform as a model that could be replicated across the eastern Mediterranean region using entrepreneurship and innovation to foster peace and economic prosperity.

The all-new platform continues to grow daily, and specialized community features will soon be launched, which will allow users to further connect and collaborate.  The site will also be unveiling additional resources for Cypriot entrepreneurs from every corner of the island.  More information can be found at


About CyprusInno

At the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus, a Mediterranean island-nation, is on the brink of an entrepreneurial renaissance.  With the prospect of peace looming, it is more important than ever to connect our island in ways that go beyond political will alone. Cyprus’ future is in the hands of its dreamers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and it is our goal to connect them throughout neighborhoods and across borders to help build a better, more peaceful future for the island.  Through entrepreneurship and innovation, we present to the world a unified Cyprus, and showcase its innovative startups. Sign up today and join us on our journey to connect and support innovators island-wide.



Steven W. Stavrou, Co-founder
Burak Berk Doluay, Co-founder




Author: cyprusinno


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