Fearless life. Walking through life we get many opportunities and chances to develop, improve and create the reality we want to live in. We aim to grow and succeed.  However, since we were little children, we got used to following instructions, obeying orders and hearing a lot of Dos and Don’ts. So we lose our curiosity and with each year of growth, we hesitate more and take smaller scared steps.

Along with the opportunities, come the fears of taking a risk and losing what we have already achieved. Along with the chances of succeeding and thriving come the fears of instability and insecurity.

With each goal we set to ourselves, should come a package of self-empowerment and courage. A package we build for ourselves; to believe in one self, to face the fears and be brave enough to know that obstacles are only there to overcome them.

It might be fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of judgment, fear of making decisions, fear of having the right to choose and take responsibility for one’s choice, fear of social stereotypes and boundaries, and the biggest fear is the fear of failure. But guess what? To let your fears hold you from living the life you dream to have, is the real failure one should be afraid of.

In my point of view, there is no such thing as failure. Failure is giving up your dreams just out of fear, or due to a few setbacks on the way. That is instead of staying strong, persistent and focused on the ultimate goal.

Kristo Avraam designs are bold, creative and extraordinary. He does not like ‘normal’, and pays attention to the small details which make a difference. He chose unusual mixture of colors for his new AW 2016 collection; outfits for a business look with modern approach made from high quality fabric promising a charming and elegant appearance.

When I first saw the collection, it reminded me of the Book Club “Yfantourgeio” in Nicosia, a vintage and a very creative place to study and spend time developing, improving and facing your fears.

Embark upon your journey, dare to try and dare to fail, step out of your comfort zone, seize the opportunity and face your fears. Live the life you dream of and make your dreams the reality you wish to live in.


All outfits by Kristo Avraam. See all winter collection here.

Photography by Marwa Younes and Alex Kokkinos.

Special thanks to Marios Sergio.

By The Modern Man Diary

Source: http://www.themodernmandiary.com/fearless-collection-fearless-life/



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