Trade Development Specialist, Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce

İzzet ADİLOĞLU was born in 1976. He graduated from Bayraktar Türk Maarif College in Nicosia and studied Business Administration and achieved his bachelor degree at Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta. ADİLOGLU continued his academic studies in the same university and earned his MA in International Relations. Following graduation from university, he moved to İstanbul and started to work in education business as Sales Executive at an Institute marketing semi distance learning programs offering international collaboration. ADİLOGLU moved into industrial electric sector in 2003 as an Export Executive in Inter Electric Electronic and Tüm-Tes Electric Electronic. He extended his reach to international trade with the Middle East. ADİLOGLU ended up with 15 years in total in the city of İstanbul with over 15 million population. He couldn’t resist his longing and moved back to his home country in 2016 to serve the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce as a Trade Development Specialist. ADİLOGLU is in charge of the trade over Green Line, at large, in the Chamber. Last but not the least; ADİLOGLU’s devotion to bi-communal organisations dates back to workshop groups he joint in 1996, until the date he moved to Istanbul in 2001. During that period he attended training programs in peace-building efforts like the one under the auspices of in country coordinators - the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo in 1998. İzzet ADİLOGLU is still a \ member of Bi-Communal Choir for Peace in Cyprus.

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