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Introducing one of the six selected startups for CyprusInno's inaugural Bi-Communal Startup Mentorship Programme, Interpreter!

Interpreter is a conference interpreting startup based in Cyprus. They provide simultaneous and consecutive translation between English, Turkish, and French languages.

Conferences and professional meetings are different in content from other meetings. They require a deeper understanding of the topic discussed. The competence of the interpreter is a must. 'Interpreter' offers this sharp communication skill and a balanced position in discourse. 

Interpreter Founder Melis Menent is being mentored by Entrepreneur and Director of HJS Insurance Andreas Hadjisofocleous.

"Andreas has been very open in trying to understand the specifics of my startup as well as helping me develop it further. We have discussed the market conditions of both North Cyprus and the RoC. In doing so, Andreas has been attentive to the difficulties of launching an enterprise in a society, which is under conditions of lack of contact with the international channels of economy. Mr. Hadjisofocleus has been encouraging me to take more action and promote my startup…He has also been very helpful in introducing me to actors in the South and assisting me with establishing my website." - Melis Menent, Founder, Interpreter

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