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Digital marketing made stupidly simple for anyone

We’re looking for a sharp minded, motivated and rigorous data engineer to join the team as we look to dive deep into stacks of data to help our users be more efficient with their online advertising.

You will be working snugly within our engineering team to ensure our users enjoy a seamless, high quality experience. How we do that is by making sure we take care of all the heavy lifting so our customers don’t have to. We’ll figure out what kind of text or image works best on which type of ads, aimed at a specific demographic, in the chosen country, and then package that information for our customers to use and grow their businesses with.

Some skills we need:

– Experience with Python, Machine Learning, Big Data
– Experimented with common data science toolkits like SciPy, scikit-learn, Spark or others
– Some knowledge with common data visualisation tools like D3.js, Chaco or others
– Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions, statistical testing, regression
– Proficiency in SQL query language
– A thirst for organizing and understanding data
– Great communication skills
– Superstar ‘can do’, solution based, attitude


Job description and image via Angellist

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