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The Technology team in Nodes & Links is composed of two cross-functional teams that work on our ecosystem:

Discovery Team -The mission is to grow our capability on statistical inference, large-scale simulation and predictive modelling. The objective is to uncover patterns and hidden truths within customer data; this activity will be driven by both customer requirements and our own insights and initiatives. The end-goal is to endow new, and/or support existing, capabilities within the ecosystem.

Machinist Team – The mission is to create an ecosystem that enables customers to make critical decisions to improve project performance. The objective is to architect, develop and support a cloud-based ecosystem in a secure and scalable way; this activity will be driven by customer requirements and in communication with the Discovery team. The end-goal is to release a first working version of our product.

We are a knowledge-first company with a strong belief on the value of finding the right balance between research and commercialisation. We will continuously challenge ourselves to grow and improve our technical expertise, at a world leading level. This means that you will be engaging with academic institutions and be actively involved in the publication of technical articles.

\\\\ The role
This position is for a Data Scientist in our Discovery team.

You will be at the core of our efforts in uncovering hidden patterns within our customers’ raw datasets. Your overall goal will be to contribute to our understanding on what impacts project performance, by (1) elucidating possible causal mechanism, and (2) developing forecasting models. This will include exploring customer datasets in search for robust patterns, generating realistic artificial datasets, developing models that can replicate and predict such patterns, or validating and calibrating models and their prediction based on some form of historic ground truth.

Complexity is our core perspective in solving this grand challenge of improving project deliverability. However, we are not interested in endorsing particular methodologies, as these can be subject to periodic hype cycles; we are more interested in achieving our goals using methods that are the best fit for each problem. As such, you should feel comfortable in acknowledging limitations to methods that you have already mastered, and feel confident for exploring, identifying and learning new methods.

This is an incredible opportunity for an analytical individual to play a key role in resolving the societal challenge of improving project deliverability and interacting with some of the biggest companies in the world.

\\\\ Responsibilities
Your overall responsibility will be to develop models that uncover how project complexity impacts project performance. This will support our Machinist team to develop the ecosystem.
– Use customers’ raw data to extract, structure and transform relevant metadata
– Perform exploratory analysis to identify patterns that are relevant to our overall objective
– Develop novel models that can replicate and predict these patterns
– Justify modeling decisions using model validation and calibration techniques (e.g., self-consistency, auditability)
– Use modeling best practice (e.g., cross-validation, sensitivity analysis)

\\\\ Qualifications
\\ Required
– Ambition to be a world-leading expert
– A PhD in Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science or equivalent
– A passion for hand-building predictive models, from the ground up
– Expertise in setting up large-scale, numerical simulations
– Experience in handling and exploring raw and unstructured, data
\\ Desirable
– Ambition to improve coding skills
– Background in Network Science and/or Graph Theory and/or Spectral Analysis and/or – – Dynamical Systems
– Contributions to technical literature (peer-reviewed)
– Experience in Matlab/R & Python

\\\\ Benefits
– Competitive salary with stock options
– Flexible working arrangements, including 1-2 days remote working
– Relocation package (if outside of CY)

Nodes & Links is an is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all backgrounds.

You will be based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Cyprus is a member of EU and provides for one of the most attractive lifestyles in Europe. See link for an independently-made video about life in Cyprus:



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