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Digital marketing made stupidly simple for anyone

We’re looking for an independent minded and versatile full stack engineer to join the team as we rapidly build out the front and back-end of our web app and ship products that will reshape the face of digital advertising.

You will be working snugly within our engineering team to ensure our users enjoy a seamless, high quality experience.

Some stuff we need:

– React.js
– Redux
– Node.js
– Es6 javascript syntax
– Sql database knowledge, Sequelize knowledge
– Tdd knowledge
– Git and git flow
– Experience with using third party APIs (REST, OAuth, etc.) to collect data from social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Twitter, Youtube) .

Some stuff we’d like:

– App testing experience with some debugging knowledge
– Data analysis and visualization
– Server administration


Job description and image via Angellist

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