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Find and book an appointment for beauty and wellness services.

This is a paid full-time job opportunity for a Lead Software Engineering role that could potentially become CTO with equity.

Would you like to work in a vibrant and challenging environment, where innovation happens at a very fast pace? Can you adapt to change, move fast and break things? Can you take the lead and be in control of what is assigned to you? Can you manage your own time and reach company’s targets? Can you take initiative and be proactive?

At Wellretreat we embrace change, we embrace leadership and taking control of the work that’s assigned to you, own it and come up with your own work. We just want to give you the freedom to be creative and come up with solutions that are aligned with the company’s vision and the rest of the team.

We are a Cypriot startup but our founders and team have experience in engineering and technology from businesses in UK and have attended Top Class technology universities there. We also have recently joined IdeaCy an incubator/accelerator program organised by Bank of Cyprus & CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management and our offices are based literally in the center of Nicosia, close to Ledras street where IdeaCy is based.

Our vision is simple to “make people’ life a little be better” by providing the right technology tools and software we believe we can make consumers’ life a little bit easier but at the same time help thousands of businesses better manage their appointment scheduling, customers and employees. At wellretreat we started with an idea to solve the appointment booking problem for wellness and beauty centers and come up with a service that works for the consumer.

Why wellness and beauty?
We believe in wellness and beauty, because we believe not only in the external beauty but also the internal, and as a famous rule of life says “Dress everyday like is the best day of your life”, we believe that external beauty is as important as internal. Everyone is beautiful, they just need to find what’s beautiful about them.

We believe we have a challenging road ahead of us, and what a better way to do it, be around a people that are highly motivated, embrace challenges and have high standards for quality life.

About the job,

  • Computer Science or related degree
  • Experience in full-stack programming with Python/Flask and ReactJS/Redux
  • Keywords: Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, ElasticSearch, Javascript, ReactJS/Redux, CSS, Less, Ansible, Celery, Redis

This role is for a hardworking Software Engineer that is willing to take his career to the next level, work closely with the CEO to learn the product inside out and be able to understand the architecture from every aspect, the back-end API which is written in Python and Flask, SQLAlchemy and the front-end which is written in Javascript with ReactJS/Redux.  These are cutting edge technologies used in todays’ tech companies all around the world and we expect you to be fluent in one of the two or both, or at least understand the difference between Python and other languages. Most importantly though being able to communicate and have willingness to learn new approaches and methodologies to software development. We use celery for asynchronous tasks and redis for memory caching and it would be good if you had a basic idea of these technologies.

This is a paid full-time job opportunity for a Lead Software Engineering role that could potentially become CTO with equity.

Please send your CV with your application, specifying the job position you are interested


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