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Educating the Next Generation of Cyprus Entrepreneurs & Innovators

In creating a true inter-communal, bi-zonal, island-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem, CyprusInno is committed educating the next generation of Cypriot entrepreneurs.  We've partnered with London-based Empact Ventures to deliver entrepreneurship skill-building online courses with contributions from Synthesis Center for Research and Education, Zealous Digital, Qapitol QA, and Fundsurfer, and support from the British High Commission Nicosia.

Free Courses

In partnership with London-based Empact Ventures, The CyInno Knowledge Lab features a digital library of self-study, e-learning coursework for basic, intermediate, and advanced entrepreneurial skill-building.  Courses include free downloads, videos, case studies, and more!


Each time you complete a CyInno Knowledge Lab course, you will receive a downloadable/printable certificate documenting your success.  Certificates are generated for each unique individual and are available upon successful course completion and the passing of a quiz.

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Each time you complete a CyInno Knowledge Lab course, you will unlock a special badge that will automatically be added to your CyprusInno profile!  Stay tuned for special perks for those who have unlocked achievements and received special badges for course completion 🙂

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Learn More About Our Supporters, Partners, and Contributors

The British High Commission in Cyprus maintains and develops relations between the UK and Cyprus.  The High Commission works closely with the Cyprus government on a wide range of issues, including political, commercial, security and economic questions of interest to the UK and Cyprus.

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Empact Ventures designs, delivers and/or supports some of the leading startup initiatives in Europe from local investor pitch days to national campaigns or international startup programmes. It acts as a super-connector and network building to some of the best emerging tech startups in the UK wanting to develop, grow and/or become sustainable, while supporting international SMEs to expand into the UK or Europe.

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Synthesis Center for Research and Education is a pioneering enterprise aiming to inspire, develop and support social entrepreneurship and social innovation and which implements projects of social impact.  They also run HUB Nicosia, a co-working space in the capital of Cyprus.

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Zealous blends brand, business goals and an expansive knowlege of digital to develop websites optimised at every level to achieve for businesses, working hand in hand with small businesses and startups to bring visions to life in powerfully strategic ways.

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Qapitol QA is an award winning new age quality acceleration company that accompanies startups & enterprises in their digital transformation journey and ensures provision of delightful, consistent and reliable end user experiences leading to business success.

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Fundsurfer is a hybrid crowdfunding and commercial funding platform and community. We provide crowdfunding and access to a range of funding options for projects and companies.

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