Fikir Tarlası – An innovation program:

“Let's grow your ideas together” 


Application Deadline: 18 December 2016


Turkcell North Cyprus, TRNC Chamber of Industry and Informatic association of TRNC are starting new endeavor in order to support technology development by focusing on innovation.

We invite everyone to represent their ideas in the context outlined below and implement them in case if they win in order to integrate innovation culture to economy and increase competitiveness of fundamental economic sectors of TRNC through use of ICT.

Who can participate:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who have an idea but no background in software development
  • Students those wish to implement their projects
  • Software development companies

Possible implementation areas:

  • Payment systems
  • Data analysis applications
  • IoT implementations / Smart building systems
  • Alternative communication systems (Video, text vb.)
  • Creative applications
  • Social media applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Other (Any other ideas those are not listed here – software / application )

Evaluation Criterion:

  • A committee (evaluation committee) evaluate applicant's ideas based on appropriateness to purpose, economic feasibility, authenticity and lastly, ICT sector relatedness
  • There is no formal format for applicants to present their ideas, any means of presentation should not exceed 3 pages or 1 min.
  • The evaluation committee comprise of 5 representatives from Turkcell North Cyprus, TRNC Chamber of Industry and Informatic association of TRNC
  • There is a consultation committee that comprise of 3 experts, selected by the evaluation committee
  • Intellectual property rights and legal obligations are of applicant's responsiblity. In order to protect intellectual property rights, it is suggested that applicant to get a copy of application form certified by a authorized officers
  • The number of ideas to be selected by the committee depends on the resource requirements and number of suitable applications
  • The committee make any changes that sees fit (on the timing and/or program itself)
  • If no suitable application received, the committee is not obligated to select any idea
  • 50,000TL of the 100,000TL available budget is allocated for infrastructure and the rest is for software development.

What we offer:

  • A chance to make your ideas come true
  • A totaly new experiece if you just starting your professional carreer or education
  • Technical, managerial and marketing support from private sector experts
  • By Turkcell north Cyprus:
  • Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell tarafından;
    • Training in the context of Turkcell Akademi ve Geleceği yazanlar projects
    • Chance of work during the course of approved projet time
    • Gaining experience in software/application development processes
    • Free hosting of prospective product(s) in Turkcell's data center during alpha and beta tests
  • Technical support for company establishment or on legal matters in case if it is required
  • Support luching prospective product(s) in the local market
  • In the case of success in the local market, assessing international options

What is need to apply:

  • Online filled application form
  • A presentation not more than 3 pages (optional - for each idea)


  • Start: August 24
  • Application Deadline: December 18
  • Committee evaluation: December 20
  • Announcement of results: December 27
  • Presentations: 15 January 2017



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