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After having defined your market, you should make sure you have a precise understanding of your customers’ core needs and buying behaviours as this will determine whether your strategy will work and you will be able to sell effectively.

Sometimes it happens that companies focus too much on the product and forget to involve their customers. However, whether your go-to-market strategy is successful largely depends on how well you understand your customers. The buying behaviour and preferences of the customer should inform the combination of channels you are going to use to reach your customers. What you learn from your customer must influence everything you do – their concerns need to shape your messaging and their budget needs to be reflected in your pricing.

Common mistakes are to either not do research at all and go with your gut or to do a lot of research and believe that you know it all now. However, this can be a trap if you have not been asking the right questions or learning the right things.


You should know the following information about your customers:

Information Questions
Customer’s needs What do your customers need and how can you meet those needs?
The customer experience What kind of customer experience are your customers looking for? How often do they want to connect with you? How do they want to relate to their vendors?
Customer buying behaviour What is the perception of customers about you? What are you doing well and not so well?
Sources of new business What do your customers need and how can you meet those needs?


There are several ways to collect information from customers. This could be via customer surveys, focus groups and face-to-face or telephone interviews. As customers’ expectations and needs are always evolving, it is worth establishing a customer advisory council, where you stay in an ongoing interaction with your customers. You could have about 15-20 customers in them and rotate them to get new opinions in once a year or every year.



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