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A go-to-market strategy is a plan to reach and serve the right customers, in the right market, through the right channels, with the right products and the right value proposition. Overall, the purpose for creating a go-to-market strategy is to create a great overall customer experience (Friedman, 2002).

Your go-to-market strategy concerns the relationship with the customer, which consists of a number of interactions with your customers such as first customer contact, pre-sales, purchase, customer support, service and ongoing purchases. Depending on how those interactions go, this contributes to the customer forming an opinion about your company. In order to ensure these interactions are positive, consistent and high quality you create a thought through go-to-market strategy (ibid). A go-to-market strategy usually consists of the following elements, which will be covered in the next few lessons.



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Friedman, L.G., (2002). Go-to-market strategy: advanced techniques and tools for selling more products, to more customers, more profitably. Routledge.



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