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For each marketing campaign that you produce you need to tell a story. The origin of that story isn’t your product, nor your vision, but instead it’s your research. It’s important to start with your customer research because it allows you to shape your vision around them, rather than preconceived ideas.


We’ve developed a framework to help you tell your story. It takes you through six key stages and can be used to build pitches, campaigns, and websites:


  1. Change: Start with a recent, profound change in the world
  2. Stakes: That creates stakes for your audience
  3. Vision: Paint a picture of the idyllic future that you aim to create
  4. Barriers: Introduce features as tools to overcome specific challenges
  5. Proof: Give examples, including testimonials, of your product
  6. Action: Present a clear action to take


One of the most important aspects of this framework is the focus on the vision. The framework has been designed to tell a story in which your customer is the protagonist who is on a journey to reach a better place. This counters the traditional approach of focusing on differentiating features, replacing it with a customer-centric approach that is more likely to succeed in our world where the pace of innovation is accelerating.


By building a story for each of your personas, you can clarify and condense your research into an easy-to-digest format. These stories can then be implemented throughout the buyer journey in campaigns, websites, pitches, and more.



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