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Action before research

Imagine you’ve launched a product and the response is lackluster. Or growth, despite shooting up early-on, quickly falls into a cavern.

What do you do? Hire an expert and set them working on the growth process, of course.

But the results you’d hoped for never materialize. Time is running out and your investors are eagerly awaiting an update on your progress.

You skipped the research stage to try and save time, however, the result is a deeper cavern. To avoid this, make sure that you have the right expertise on your team, and don’t neglect the value of research.


Research has a finish line

As we’ve uncovered on The JPK Show, closing your communication with customers can be detrimental to your startup. Research is an ongoing activity, you don’t want to act on outdated information.

To keep up-to-date with your customers, you should regularly refresh your research. For example, you should refresh your customer personas every six months, or earlier if you notice signs that they’re outdated.


Fishing with features

All too often startup sites, landing pages, and ads rely on what amounts to feature lists. They’re not engaging, nor memorable or compelling.

Always aim to tell a story. Don’t just introduce features, instead present tools to overcome the challenges that crop up on your customer’s journey to your better world.


Set and forget

We have seen a medium sized business set up a Google Adwords campaign to their homepage. $30,000 later they had a grand total of zero leads.

Don’t do that. Make your ideas prove their value before you scale up the budget, and ensure that you are monitoring campaigns so that you can constantly improve and learn from them.



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