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Whether it is presenting your product at a networking event or at a pitch day, it is essential to get the execution right in order to come away satisfied. Here are some tips to get you going.



Identify your key selling points: it is important that you clearly outline the problem your product seeks to solve and how it will solve it. This will is the most fundamental part of your sales pitch and will set you apart from other companies.

Outline your business model: be clear about your business model and how your company makes money. Clarify your competitive advantage as much as possible.

Focus on highlighting benefits not features: customers and investors are interested in how your product benefits them, not how many features it has. Channelling too much energy into showing off the features of your product is a common but detrimental problem.

Include a demo: offer a live or rehearsed demonstration of your product to illustrate how it works. You audience will want to see how your product functions in reality. Show and sell is a tried and tested sales method.

Present existing coverage or customer reviews: prospective investors or clients don’t want to be the guinea pigs. Outline any press coverage associated with your product and independent reviews.

(Sodergren & Bozward 2010)



Make it personal: your audience will want to see the person/people behind the business, not just some faceless organisation.

Show your passion: it may sound like a cliché but getting across passion for your idea and business will make your pitch a whole lot more effective and will also help get other people excited too.

Create a story: make sure people understand the story behind you, your team and the business so they can truly appreciate the journey which you have been on.

Get across your values: of course prospective investors and customers are not naïve. They understand that as a business you have to make a profit. However, they also want to know about your and the business’s values.

Keep it simple: ensure you remove any acronyms or jargon in your pitch as this will automatically switch people off, especially those unfamiliar with such terms.

(Sodergren & Bozward 2010)

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Sodergren, D. and Bozward, D. (2010). Make Your Passion A Success. Available at:


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