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After presenting your product and setting an effective price strategy, it is time to let the world know your open for business. In this section we will go through some useful tips for promotion.


Tailor your message: don’t set about making one promotional message for every advertisement. Be careful to research the potential audience of each promotional activity so you can tailor your message accordingly.


Choose your time and venue appropriately: target your customer when it is convenient for them – i.e. when they are relaxed and receptive to new ideas.


Online presence: whether you are promoting your services through paper leaflets or social media, it is paramount that your business has an online presence in the form of an up-to-date website that customers can look up in their own time.


Discounts: an effective way of getting new customers is to offer periodic discounts on your product or service. There are many forms of discounts from simple percentage discounts to offers of free shipping and gifts with purchases.


Keep it fresh: whatever strategy you employ, be sure to change it from time to time and to try out new methods. This will also give you an opportunity to test what works best with your customers.


(Grant, 2016)

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