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Let’s look at each of those four factors more in detail:


This refers to the conviction within yourself to solve a specific problem or seize an opportunity that you encounter. Even if you are passionate about something, you find a problem in one of your passions and you have the skills to solve it, if you don’t have the drive to do something about it, it will remain a missed opportunity.



These are activities that you love to do. Your passions make you happy and you are usually much better at doing it than the average person. If you are engaged in a passion, you reach flow state and the time passes quickly. For example, passions could be a certain kind of sport or music, or your passion could evolve around a certain topic or activity such as travelling.



These are moments in your daily life, and we constantly have them. However, in the context of this course, this refers to a moment when something memorable happens. These experiences can be good or bad, showing you a current gap or a problem, but most importantly they make you aware that there is an opportunity. For example, let’s imagine that you are driving to another city and one of your friends needs to deliver something to that city quickly; he asks you to take his delivery with you and is willing to pay you for it. Now you might think that there is an opportunity here and start asking around if somebody else needs your help with a delivery and you might build a business around it.



This refers to the abilities that you acquired throughout your life. You could have acquired them through university, your job, volunteering or simply practicing certain things. These skills come in handy when trying to find a solution to a problem or opportunity that you might have experienced.



To summarise, the best chance of starting a successful company arises when there is an overlap of Drive, Passions, Experiences and Skills. For example, let’s imagine that you have been working in logistics for the past 5 years acquiring industry knowledge and other skills. During your work, but also as a private person, you have experienced multiple problems with logistics services and you really have the drive to do something about it. One of your passions evolves not only around transport, but you also got really immersed into drones recently.

If we take a step back and look at this scenario, we can see how the different factors come together and create a unique opportunity for starting a business. In this scenario, the person identified a problem and a gap in the market through their own experience, he/she has the drive to do something about it, knowledge of the industry to make it work and their passion of drones comes handy into the mix.

Even though this represents an ideal scenario and in your case not all four factors might align, this should nevertheless give you an idea of how to think about starting a company. It doesn’t make sense to pursue an opportunity where you have no expertise on and your passions also don’t align with it, as it is likely that you are going to be outperformed by another person who ticks those boxes. Furthermore, if you have those four factors on your side, this will also help convince investors of your capabilities to execute, but this will be discussed in more detail in later lessons and courses.



Hopefully these reflections allowed you to create your own version of the four-factor model tailored to your life situation. Maybe you have already spotted some opportunities, but please keep these factors in mind when moving on to the next part of this course where we will look at how to come up with an idea from a wider perspective.



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