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Every now and then, we feel the need to pause for a moment and think. We feel lost, disappointed, don’t know what is happening and why. We believe we are doing our utmost efforts to be the best version of ourselves. Yet still, things don’t turn out the way we expected them to, we don’t get what we worked really hard for. And it feels awful! We get upset, saddened, stressed and most of all, lost.

In others’ point of view, we seem happy and satisfied as if we have the trouble-free life. Only we know that we are struggling like many others. But we deal with our personal matters differently. Some either can’t control their emotions or feelings or feel the need to express them in order to be in control. While others wear their smile, remain positive and fully energized even in their gloomiest day of all.

Sometimes feeling lost is a good start, for it is the first step in finding a better path. Trust the timing of occurrences and events in your life, everything happens for a reason, listen to your inner voice and follow it. It is like driving on the highway; we have many exits on our way and they are there for a reason, whether it is to continue on a different road or to make a U-turn in case we missed a previous exit or forgot something on our way.

Same goes for the highway of life; sometimes we are too scared to take an exit when we see one, fear holds us back or we feel like we missed our exit/chance or maybe took the wrong direction, but we need to remind ourselves that it is only temporary, until the next exit or the closest U-turn. All we need is to hang in there till we go through the dark tunnel or the bumpy road till we get back on the highway, OUR highway of choice, dreams and goals.

Let fear be your motive not road-blocker. You only live once so make the best out of your life. Aim to the moon, even if you don’t have a map. Remember every highway may or may not have enough traffic lights to pause but it definitely has exits. So if you messed up, take responsibility for your choice and look for a different exit, one that is better for you and feels right. Most importantly, enjoy your journey!

by The Modern Man Diary

Source: http://www.themodernmandiary.com/lost-under-the-highway/


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