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Introducing one of the six selected startups for CyprusInno's inaugural Bi-Communal Startup Mentorship Programme, MISIRiX!

Local business and eco-friendly startup MISIRiX is a corn minivan with outposts throughout the city of Nicosia.  Corn minivans are popular across Cyprus, and have been a part of the culinary culture for decades.  In this, Ali Furkan Cetiner, founder of MISIRiX, saw opportunity.  MISIRiX serves boiled and barbecued corn, but with an experience!  

The brand takes corn minivans to a new level with the addition of free wifi.  The passion and dedication to service of the team has kept it successful for over 3 years now. They take things even further by implementing sustainable practices such as using paper bags over plastic and locally producing their own corn.  You can find them in Nicosia between 18:30 and 00:30.

MISIRiX founder Ali Furkan Cetiner is being mentored by KPMG Board Member Pangratios Vanezis.  Ali and Pangratios have worked through a variety of aspects of MISIRiX's business model, including pricing, costs, marketing, and more.

"I am really glad to be in this programme.  It was very useful, and I believe that it will be very much useful and positive for my idea. We started out a discussion which was positive and inspiring." - Ali Furkan Cetiner, Founder, MISIRiX

Author: cyprusinno


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