• GIMER – EMU Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) provides training, consulting and market and industry research to help Entrepreneurs and small businesses. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (GIMER) envisions to be a leader in the Mediterranean region in entrepreneurship education and research. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (GIMER) equips students, academic staff, and entrepreneurs Read more [...]

  • GİGEM – Girne Gençlik Gelişim Merkezi

    A prominent youth development center, social space, and education center in north Cyprus focused on social inclusion and economic empowerment of young people in Kyrenia. SoS Internationale Kinderdorf katkıları ile inşası tamamlanan SoS Girne Gençlik Evi binasının hemen yanında yer alan Gençlik Merkezimiz faaliyete geçmiştir. “Eğitimde yenilik ve değişim VI” Read more [...]

  • EUC PEAK Innovation Center

    European University Cyprus (EUC) – Performance Enterprise Accelerator & Knowledge (PEAK) Innovation Center. The research center EUC-PEAK aims to research, support and accelerate efforts of Entrepreneurship, Business Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. The primary mission is to formulate a research community that creates research on the aforementioned topics. Research in such Read more [...]

  • Cypriot Scientists and Engineers

    A group for Cypriots interested in Science and Engineering that: Organises networking events Writes articles related to Science and Engineering (mostly related to research and innovation) Teaches programming (C++) for high school students Discusses the latest news in Science and Engineering   CySE on MEDIUM   Overview via Facebook

  • Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO)

    The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) is an NGO, established by key international people in industry and academia, and based in Cyprus. It promotes scientific research and development in the field of space exploration, and enhances and actively develops the local space industry, leading to the advancement of high tech Read more [...]

  • Level Up Design & Computer Lab

    The mission of Level Up Design and Computer Lab. is to educate ambitious and creative individuals, to be responsible contributors to an innovative society. Level UP will aid you in your search to enhance aesthetic judgment, professional knowledge, collaborative skills, and technical expertise. With our professional staff you can choose Read more [...]

  • Synthesis Center for Research and Education

    "One day, enterprises will be established whose primary aims will be social or environmental rather than profit maximization." This day is today. Synthesis Center for Research and Education is an enterprise that creates social value. We are dedicated to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Read more [...]

  • Microsoft Innovation Center Cyprus

    The Microsoft Innovation Center Cyprus targets on playing a pivotal role in the development and promotion of innovation and technology transfer initiatives Microsoft Innovation Center Cyprus - Microsoft has selected European University Cyprus to be its partner institution for the establishment of the only Microsoft Innovation Center in Cyprus. The operation Read more [...]

  • Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre

    Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre The aim of the Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre is to stimulate the Cypriot economy by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. It will provide support to start-up companies and give young entrepreneurs the boost they need for their business.   Overview via Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre Read more [...]

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