• Crafty Flow

    Creating a community of handicrafters, young and old, from all over the island. Helping handicrafters improve their techniques and products by creating learning opportunities. Helping handicrafters promote their work through workshops.

  • Home for Cooperation

    The Home for Cooperation is a unique community centre located in the heart of Nicosia. It is the embodiment of intercommunal cooperation, contributing to the collective efforts of civil society in their engagement with peacebuilding and intecultural dialogue. Using its sources it encourages people to cooperate with each other beyond constraints read more

  • Hub Nicosia

    Hub Nicosia is a multi-spaced educational center and the first hub of social impact in the country. Hub Nicosia is a multi-space, educational and co-working center, and a community of organisations and enterprises with a primarily social mission. It is housed at an elegant, renovated old house in the Agios read more

  • Ellovos

    Ellovos [Έλλοβος] We are a group of people that came together with a common concern for the future. Our tomorrow is people-centered. We are longing for a self-sufficient and sustainable society. To preserve the goods of our land, their taste, smell, beneficial qualities, cultural value and deliver it to future generations. read more

  • Utopia Collectiva

    Utopia Collectiva was created by a team of young people with similar beliefs and perception regarding lifestyle, nature and society. Utopia Collectiva is based at the Utopia Shop near the OXI round-about in Old Nicosia. “Wellbeing is the main axis of our lives and we care about the environment and read more

  • Hoi Polloi

    Hoi Polloi We are a music and cultural hub catering for the masses with traditional local products. We are the Hoi Polloi. How Polloi is located behind the Buyuk Han, Nicosia, Cyprus.  There is no postcode.   Overview and images via Facebook

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