Blankchat is an easy and fast way to create social lists, surveys and opinions. Users create content by leaving blanks in their posts (with an _ underscore) and let other users fill in those blanks with their own input. Add an underscore (_) within a post to create a one Read more [...]


    Jobs Gone Viral

    Jobs Gone Viral is a job-site platform designed to connect jobseekers and employers quickly and inexpensively. This is done with great accuracy thanks to our 3D resume technology and our industry changing recruiting tools specifically designed to streamline the recruiting process. Employers are able to search and communicate with relevant, Read more [...]

  • MyBook Heroes

    MyBook Heroes places your children in the heart of the story!  Children around the world need to understand that the power to take charge, to carve their own destiny is within them.  Rich in content, teaching philosophy and critical life skills, children can now live their own adventure!   Contribute Read more [...]

  • Emlak-CY

    Emlak-CY is the easiest and most promising way to find property for rent and sale, and roommates, in north Cyprus. Discover Louvalight's new project emlak-cy.com which is based on contribution of users and lets you find properties and advertise for your properties for free. www.emlak-cy.com is now online and waiting for your contribution     Read more [...]

  • CandyJar

    CandyJar is a fully-integrated boutique advertising and marketing agency.  Adding flavour to your brand is what we do.  How to invest your advertising budget is what we offer.  We are here to provide creative and effective services tailored to your needs and budget.  The boundaries of advertising are pushed to Read more [...]

  • Politica.io

    Politica.io provides technology solutions for political analysis, citizen engagement, real time elections reporting, TV/media and data visualisations. Real Time Reporting We provide real time reporting for various types of real-time data (elections, polls,) Interactive Tools Interactive Maps, Visual Infographics, Big Data Visualisations and many more. TV/Media  Solutions We provide services tailored Read more [...]

  • JoJo: Go Record Yourself!

    JoJo: Go Record Yourself is an easy-to-use application that lets you record 3-minute (or less) audio clips and place them on the map at the point where the recording took place! You do not have to create an account: simply launch the app and record your first mini-podcast! Other ideas: Read more [...]

  • Studyfinder

    Studyfinder's mission always is to provide top and affordable online tutoring to anyone around the world. Our system allows only the top tutors to thrive, giving both the opportunity to the tutor and the student to charge and pay accordingly at the best reasonable hourly price. Built by a solid Read more [...]

  • Zyprus

    Zyprus is the fastest growing real estate network in Cyprus. It serves the full lifecycle of owning and living in a property: buying, selling, renting, and more. At Zyprus we empower users with the insights and resources they need to make smarter property decisions. Zyprus evolved from the desire to Read more [...]

  • Phlinks

    Phlinks ("Flinks") is an online portfolio which opens your world to a worldwide community, a fun environment that brings together people with similar passion and a love for imagery. It is both a market place and a social network environment, that gives you a global reach either for recognition of Read more [...]

  • 3D Hive Technologies

    Materialize your ideas and visions by coming to 3D Hive Technologies where we can turn your sketches and/or drawings to 3D computers Models for prototyping. Our staff in 3D Hive Technologies is Professional Certified designers and they will help you to turn your ideas into reality as well as consult Read more [...]

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