• Video Brewer

    Video Brewer fuses unframed videos into a powerful bundle of emotions. It enables anyone to create a video for any occasion by inviting their friends, colleagues or community members from all over the world. Coming soon on both Play Store and AppStore!     Overview and images via Facebook

  • Fountech.ai

    Fountech puts Artificial Intelligence into the heart of your business by specialising in AI applications and integration. Whatever your company and its products aim to provide, Fountech can harness the far-reaching power of AI to achieve results you never could have imagined. Most of our customers have the germ of Read more [...]

  • Syndeseas Integrated Solutions Ltd

    Syndeseas is a Cypriot innovative Start-Up, formed by a Team of young Maritime Professionals (Naval Architects, Mechanical / Environmental Engineers, Maritime Economists) and IT Experts. The Team initially got together for completing an EF-MA novelseas Ltd project, the “Shipping Emissions Reporting & Verification (SERVer) Integrated Solution”, later renamed to “Syndeseas Read more [...]

  • JoinMyWifi

    Businesses overlook the opportunities arising from providing a Wi-Fi network as an effective and targeted marketing tool. We are adamant in our belief that combining Wi-Fi and Social Media will allow for the potential to empower a brand's awareness, enhance a business’s social media presence and increase customer loyalty. As Read more [...]

  • Supreme Card

    OUR PURPOSE Our purpose is to unite young adults giving them a variety of options to purchase from a wide range of firms, stores and companies at beneficial prices. OUR VISION Uniting generations by bringing them together. Our visions is all young adults to purchase our card. OUR MISSION Our Read more [...]

  • Cybark

    We are a startup company of 9 students, that aim to enlighten the lives of dogs through eco-friendly products and an online dog sponsorship platform!   Overview and images via Facebook

  • EcoHang

    WHAT DOES ECO-HANG DO? Eco-Hang is a Junior Achievement Team which will provide an alternative and more Eco-Friendly solution for hangers. The hangers will be  made out of recyclable materials such as biodegradable glue and sawdust   WHAT DO WE AIM? We aim to replace the usual plastic hangers which are Read more [...]

  • CaterEat

    About us CaterEat is a Junior Achievement start-up student company providing an online platform, in which home cooks and bakers can sign up to showcase and sell their products. People looking to buy, home-cooked quality, and affordable sweets, freshly baked, as well as savory treats can sign up, placing their Read more [...]

  • E-table Cyprus

    e-table Cyprus is an innovative online service that helps users to find restaurants and make reservations online easily and quickly, 24/7. The service is totally free, does not require credit card and guarantees exclusive privileges and discounts to its users. More people - especially the younger generation - want to be Read more [...]

  • Grassroot

    Don't crowdfund to crowdfund your idea. You have a fantastic idea. If only you had the funds to make it come true.You go on Kickstarter and create a campaign, only for it to get buried under tens of other campaigns with professionally-designed logos, glossy, expensive videos and copy written by Read more [...]

  • Ppissis.com.cy

    Use your phone, your laptop or your tablet and make your life easier when searching for a specific product. All you have to do is enter ppissis.com.cy, search for the product you are looking for and there you are! The best prices in Cyprus are available with just a click. Read more [...]

  • Yeep

    Yeep helps companies manage employee and user access across cloud services, from GitHub to Dropbox. Our SaaS maps which of your users and employees have access to your online services and sensitive data and provides a single focal point for managing user access and editing user permissions. Reduce time and Read more [...]

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