• GİGEM – Girne Gençlik Gelişim Merkezi

    A prominent youth development center, social space, and education center in north Cyprus focused on social inclusion and economic empowerment of young people in Kyrenia. SoS Internationale Kinderdorf katkıları ile inşası tamamlanan SoS Girne Gençlik Evi binasının hemen yanında yer alan Gençlik Merkezimiz faaliyete geçmiştir. “Eğitimde yenilik ve değişim VI” Read more [...]

  • Studyfinder

    Studyfinder's mission always is to provide top and affordable online tutoring to anyone around the world. Our system allows only the top tutors to thrive, giving both the opportunity to the tutor and the student to charge and pay accordingly at the best reasonable hourly price. Built by a solid Read more [...]

  • Zeqr

    Zeqr is a kind of new global knowledge sharing hub that connects like-minded people who seek to impart knowledge and those who are eager to become better informed. Zeqr provides what no other platform does: a peer-to peer network, real-time sessions and courses along with freelancing opportunities through video, voice, Read more [...]

  • Studentlife.com.cy

    StudentLife.com.cy is the full-service company that serves youth in Cyprus. StudentLife.com.cy is an online start-up with a mission to Enhance Student Life. Inspired and guided by our mission we aim to develop innovative projects that will serve University students in Europe, starting from Cyprus. Currently, the major service of the Read more [...]

  • Gnous

    Gnous Online platform consisting of games that are used to diagnose learning disabilities and improve several mental abilities including visual and auditory memory and discrimination, sequencing, categorization, navigation, and orientation. Gnous combines video game entertainment with brain assessment and brain training Gnous uses video games to assess and boost your brain abilities. Read more [...]

  • Twosumm

    Use Twosumm to study online with someone at anytime you need to. A simple, human,interactive and social web based studying platform. Twosumm is a web-based platform where University Students and not only can search and connect with other students at anytime from anywhere in the world and study together via our Read more [...]

  • Leap2Peak

    Leap2Peak, an International learning venture that will be aimed at university students and recent graduates (including the international students) across the island on a wide range of topics, including basic skills such as communication, leadership as well as job-market relevant skills such as CV writing, interview techniques, entrepreneurship and social Read more [...]

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