• FigPay

    Discover places accepting FigPay FigPay is under development. Check back when we launch. Wallet-free | Card-free | Phone-free | Sticker-free Payments (Clothes optional.) Super fast Payments No need for wallets, phones, credit cards or those weird wrist-bands. Just stand in front of the POS camera and smile. 2 Step Authentication Figpay supports a 2-step Read more [...]

  • Coriunder

    Coriunder is a payment oriented user management system - why build a backend system from scratch when you can have Merchant management, user management, ecommerce, processing and affiliate management out of the box. Coriunder will give you the foundation you need to build your startup - quicker, cheaper and secured. Read more [...]

  • Pitch60

    Pitch60 is an equity crowdfunding social community mobile app built on the crypto currency blockchain technology that enables founders to present their startups in a fun and engaging way, made simple, by pitching in the style they want, directly to the everyone, using 60 second video clips.   Overview via Read more [...]

  • FinLab (KG iGames Ltd)

    Finlab a proprietary trading platform developed by KG iGames Ltd and fully integrated into Facebook. This software offers users a seamless trading experience on the financial markets directly from their Facebook accounts and the possibility of earning cash rewards without risking a single cent of their own capital. Finlab operates Read more [...]

  • GetStocks

    At GetStocks our goal is to make investing in shares accessible, transparent and fair. For too long, trading real stocks and shares on the Stock Market has been out of the reach for many. The Stock Exchange, where you can buy and own equity in real companies, has been perceived Read more [...]

  • Tradesocio

    Tradesocio currently offers brokers a web based social trading platform that allows their clients to trade through a community. The mobile extension of the Tadesocio platform allows traders to create group chats and have private chats with other traders through an App similar to Whatsapp. Tradesocio web based social trading Read more [...]

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