• Dinner at Home

    We deliver ingredients and original recipes to the door. Only fresh products, coming from farmer markets directly. Healthy food. No shopping. Better cooking.     Overview and image via Angellist  

  • CaterEat

    About us CaterEat is a Junior Achievement start-up student company providing an online platform, in which home cooks and bakers can sign up to showcase and sell their products. People looking to buy, home-cooked quality, and affordable sweets, freshly baked, as well as savory treats can sign up, placing their Read more [...]

  • E-table Cyprus

    e-table Cyprus is an innovative online service that helps users to find restaurants and make reservations online easily and quickly, 24/7. The service is totally free, does not require credit card and guarantees exclusive privileges and discounts to its users. More people - especially the younger generation - want to be Read more [...]

  • Bi-te Cy

    A bi-communal bite! Bi-te Cy is a mobile application that will bring Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots together. Coming Soon!     Overview and images via Facebook

  • Foody

    Foody is the easiest way to order your food & drinks online in Cyprus!   Overview and images via Facebook

  • Frost and Bite

    Frost and Bite is a unique blend of humor (or, at least we try), sugar, spice and everything nice, and happiness and unicorns and rainbows and cupcakes and glitter. (No, we don’t sell any of these things) Our goal is to provide you with inspiration to create, bake, decorate and Read more [...]

  • Utopia Collectiva

    Utopia Collectiva was created by a team of young people with similar beliefs and perception regarding lifestyle, nature and society. Utopia Collectiva is based at the Utopia Shop near the OXI round-about in Old Nicosia. “Wellbeing is the main axis of our lives and we care about the environment and Read more [...]

  • Hoi Polloi

    Hoi Polloi We are a music and cultural hub catering for the masses with traditional local products. We are the Hoi Polloi. How Polloi is located behind the Buyuk Han, Nicosia, Cyprus.  There is no postcode.   Overview and images via Facebook

  • ChopChop

    ChopChop is a unique app that allows you to order, monitor your bill in real time as well as pay securely at different bars and restaurants without having to wait. ChopChop keeps credit card information safe, through a PayPal connection and eliminates the time to open a tab, the hassle Read more [...]

  • MyUnifood

    MyUnifood is a free food ordering platform for university students where they get to enjoy special offers, student discounts and prices. While a lot of food ordering websites are focused on the general public, students like me tend to become a minority altogether. So we launched MyUnifood as a free-to-use online food Read more [...]


    Local business and eco-friendly startup MISIRiX is a corn minivan with outposts throughout the city of Nicosia.  Corn minivans are popular across Cyprus, and have been a part of the culinary culture for decades.  In this, Ali Furkan Cetiner, founder of MISIRiX, saw opportunity.  MISIRiX serves boiled and barbecued corn, but Read more [...]

  • Özkan

    Özkan Corporation In the beginning, there were two companies created by our founder, Necati Özkan. Then sometime in mid-2012, his father with 24 years of experience in the Health Care industry at his own company, has joined the team. Together, a third company was created, thus forming a group of Read more [...]

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