• EcoHang

    WHAT DOES ECO-HANG DO? Eco-Hang is a Junior Achievement Team which will provide an alternative and more Eco-Friendly solution for hangers. The hangers will be  made out of recyclable materials such as biodegradable glue and sawdust   WHAT DO WE AIM? We aim to replace the usual plastic hangers which are Read more [...]

  • Level5 Innovations

    Level5 Innovations - Dust-repelling devices for solar panels The technology developed by the LeveL5 Innovations team is established on more than 35 years of combined know how. The idea is to print transparent electrodes on a flexible dielectric substrate that will cover the surface to be protected: from the most conventional Read more [...]

  • SoilTron

    SoilTron company is dedicated in design and development of green products and technologies that will address the need for a sustainable environment. The company’s vision is to power the cities of tomorrow with low cost green electricity from soil, focusing on innovative solutions to enhance the life of people and Read more [...]

  • Recyward

    Recyward is based on the method of gamification every time someone recycles glass, plastic, aluminium or/and paper is rewarded with points which can be exchanged from various offers. Offers come from companies affiliated with recyward. Points are also exchangeable with seeds for tree plantations or for donations. The program is Read more [...]

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