• Quanto: Material Palettes

    Quanto is for designers, developers and color lovers. Quanto will extract colors from any picture in your gallery and then quantize those colors to their closest counterpart in the Material Design color spec. Upload and share your palettes with the world and copy your favorite colors to the clipboard. Extra-awesome: Read more [...]

  • Blankchat

    Blankchat is an easy and fast way to create social lists, surveys and opinions. Users create content by leaving blanks in their posts (with an _ underscore) and let other users fill in those blanks with their own input. Add an underscore (_) within a post to create a one Read more [...]

  • Sweetpeen

    Sweetpeen is here to help bring businesses and people together. Sweetpeen brings your business to people’s smartphones and helps you communicate and interact with them in real time. Living in the era of smartphone applications and instant communication, Sweetpeen moves a step forward and offers a smartphone application to satisfy Read more [...]

  • Studentlife.com.cy

    StudentLife.com.cy is the full-service company that serves youth in Cyprus. StudentLife.com.cy is an online start-up with a mission to Enhance Student Life. Inspired and guided by our mission we aim to develop innovative projects that will serve University students in Europe, starting from Cyprus. Currently, the major service of the Read more [...]

  • iCheers

    iCheers is a free mobile application that lets anyone win free drinks that businesses send to iCheers's users, meet new people and places, and buy (or request) real drinks to their friends for any occation. That can be for a friend getting married or even for getting a divorce! Register Read more [...]

  • Looxie

    Looxie allows you to send location-based photo requests to other Looxie users and get photos in return! Have you ever wanted to know what's happening right now in Times Square? Or Stonehenge? Or your favorite club downtown? Now you can: just send a Looxie request to a location and receive Read more [...]

  • Karkoona

    Karkoona is a new way of connecting drivers. Using Karkoona you can easily contact any other registered driver, just by knowing their license plates. Conversely, you become an available contact for everyone around you. Free for every individual on the planet, Karkoona is dedicated to transforming the streets into vibrant, Read more [...]

  • TraCar

    Tracar is a mobile app that connects car rental to travelers, offering car rental and insurance, as well as a number of personalized services at their fingertips 24/7. Travellers can add drivers instantly, review accident and safety information as well as offline maps of popular destinations.   Overview and images Read more [...]

  • Call2Me (Time Software)

    Call2Me is personal assistant helps to save up to 1.5 hours per day Time Software is company oriented on development time saving it - products   Overview via Gust and images via Call2Me      

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