Discover places accepting FigPay FigPay is under development. Check back when we launch. Wallet-free | Card-free | Phone-free | Sticker-free Payments (Clothes optional.) Super fast Payments No need for wallets, phones, credit cards or those weird wrist-bands. Just stand in front of the POS camera and smile. 2 Step Authentication Figpay supports a 2-step read more

  • Belugga

    Belugga is an established Bespoke Web and Mobile Applications Development and Digital Agency based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Belugga specializes exclusively in the design and development of bespoke online systems and mobile applications. Over the years, Belugga’s team of competent and talented professionals has been continuously evolving and has gained the read more

  • Studentlife.com.cy

    StudentLife.com.cy is the full-service company that serves youth in Cyprus. StudentLife.com.cy is an online start-up with a mission to Enhance Student Life. Inspired and guided by our mission we aim to develop innovative projects that will serve University students in Europe, starting from Cyprus. Currently, the major service of the read more

  • Gnous

    Gnous Online platform consisting of games that are used to diagnose learning disabilities and improve several mental abilities including visual and auditory memory and discrimination, sequencing, categorization, navigation, and orientation. Gnous combines video game entertainment with brain assessment and brain training Gnous uses video games to assess and boost your brain abilities. read more

  • D-Tangle (Laidback Life Ltd)

    D-Tangle is a gadget where users can place their existing earbuds and automatically unwind them. It solves a really irritating problem of tangled buds. D-Tangle is also customizable meaning companies can print their logos on top of the product for promotional reasons. OUR MISSION To be an innovative company by read more

  • FinLab (KG iGames Ltd)

    Finlab a proprietary trading platform developed by KG iGames Ltd and fully integrated into Facebook. This software offers users a seamless trading experience on the financial markets directly from their Facebook accounts and the possibility of earning cash rewards without risking a single cent of their own capital. Finlab operates read more

  • Looxie

    Looxie allows you to send location-based photo requests to other Looxie users and get photos in return! Have you ever wanted to know what's happening right now in Times Square? Or Stonehenge? Or your favorite club downtown? Now you can: just send a Looxie request to a location and receive read more

  • Codehouse Five

    Codehouse Five is a Digital Agency that specializes in website design, custom development, mobile apps.  Demand more from your website. We are a team of hardworking developers looking to make your day better in small but significant ways! Our Process Business and requirements analysis Project scoping and design Prototyping and read more

  • Zoom

    Zoom app is aimed at tourists and locals alike, helping them not only to navigate around Cyprus, but also discover new places and be kept up-to-date with all the latest promotions and offers – live. Users save time and money and businesses are able to market their goods and services. Zoom read more

  • ChopChop

    ChopChop is a unique app that allows you to order, monitor your bill in real time as well as pay securely at different bars and restaurants without having to wait. ChopChop keeps credit card information safe, through a PayPal connection and eliminates the time to open a tab, the hassle read more

  • Piccolo Interactive

    Piccolo Interactive is a start-up social/Mobile/Pc/game development company, based in Cyprus. Piccolo Interactive is launching its first Flappy Friends game, which uniquely combines two popular mobile games together. What we did is to take the concepts of these two games and merge them in one super star game. It took us read more

  • Call2Me (Time Software)

    Call2Me is personal assistant helps to save up to 1.5 hours per day Time Software is company oriented on development time saving it - products   Overview via Gust and images via Call2Me      

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