• AnteBox

    AnteBox is a new social marketplace for unique and traditional products. We work closely with local businesses and promote their products by sharing their story and recipes. We sell their products in two ways; the first way is through our innovative platform that allows users from around the world to Read more [...]

  • FOUNDiiD

    FOUNDiiD is a Limassol based interior design, retail design and object design workshop.  FOUNDiiD creates successful collaborations with our clients, turning houses into beautiful homes, shops into retail destinations and throwaway house items into elegantly functional and meaningful possessions. FOUNDiiD is making beautiful memories through beautiful design.

  • Delatte Coffee Break

    Delatte - Your local coffee shop.   A unique cafe / coffee shop in Cyprus serving excellent coffee and fresh food.  Delatte features daily fresh food sourced locally from neighbors.  The cafe is home to word renowned chefs with 20 years of experience in the industry.

  • Lemonadda

    Lemonadda Lemonadda. Real Cyprus Lemonade. Values Delmona Global Trading, continues to grow every year in the field of manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, and exports. Its production in the sector, particularly as one of the leading organizations in Northern Cyprus citrus products in domestic and continues to progress as a representative Read more [...]

  • Utopia Collectiva

    Utopia Collectiva was created by a team of young people with similar beliefs and perception regarding lifestyle, nature and society. Utopia Collectiva is based at the Utopia Shop near the OXI round-about in Old Nicosia. “Wellbeing is the main axis of our lives and we care about the environment and Read more [...]

  • Capsule

    Capsule is the first company that restarts the evolution of skateboarding, by addressing the need of the skateboarder for a more durable, affordable, with attractive appearance skateboard and the need to experience his favorite activity through the new era of Internet of Things. Capsule is a skateboard from aerospace materials, Read more [...]


    Local business and eco-friendly startup MISIRiX is a corn minivan with outposts throughout the city of Nicosia.  Corn minivans are popular across Cyprus, and have been a part of the culinary culture for decades.  In this, Ali Furkan Cetiner, founder of MISIRiX, saw opportunity.  MISIRiX serves boiled and barbecued corn, but Read more [...]

  • Armaree

    Armaree allows fashion lovers and individuals to navigate through its platform and buy/sell new and pre-worn fashion. Do you have any used or slightly unused clothes in your closet? How many of you find yourselves looking through your friend's closet because you really like their jacket that's barely used? Our Read more [...]

  • Anjo Handcrafted Wooden Eyewear

    What happens when a talented furniture designer passes in wooden eyewear manufacture? Total Success!  - Anjo Handcrafted Wooden Eyewear Impregnated from the scent of wood, since he was born in an environment, where the wood had the leading role in his life, Angelos Christofi continued his father's profession and cared to Read more [...]

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