• GİGEM – Girne Gençlik Gelişim Merkezi

    A prominent youth development center, social space, and education center in north Cyprus focused on social inclusion and economic empowerment of young people in Kyrenia. SoS Internationale Kinderdorf katkıları ile inşası tamamlanan SoS Girne Gençlik Evi binasının hemen yanında yer alan Gençlik Merkezimiz faaliyete geçmiştir. “Eğitimde yenilik ve değişim VI” Read more [...]

  • PlayLookup

    Welcome to PlayLookup, a recently developed social networking site aiming to connect people through their common thinking, behavior, interests and activities. PlayLookup was founded in June of 2015 from enthusiastic and creative individuals with the purpose to connect the world’s players, athletes, creative personalities and people who want to share their activities Read more [...]

  • Synthesis Center for Research and Education

    "One day, enterprises will be established whose primary aims will be social or environmental rather than profit maximization." This day is today. Synthesis Center for Research and Education is an enterprise that creates social value. We are dedicated to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Read more [...]

  • GetStocks

    At GetStocks our goal is to make investing in shares accessible, transparent and fair. For too long, trading real stocks and shares on the Stock Market has been out of the reach for many. The Stock Exchange, where you can buy and own equity in real companies, has been perceived Read more [...]

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