• Forming Web

    We love creating beautiful things that inspire success. Keeping up with the latest techniques and strategies. Shaping the Web is our thing! Our mission is to help your business thrive. To produce stunning results that will make you stand out from the rest! At Forming Web, we care about web. Read more [...]

  • Pixel Actions

    Pixel Actions is a boutique web agency based in Limassol, specialising in custom websites and web applications. Our team has more than 10 years of combined software development experience in web and mobile technologies and we are continuously researching the latest technology trends and advances to ensure that we provide Read more [...]

  • Gnous

    Gnous Online platform consisting of games that are used to diagnose learning disabilities and improve several mental abilities including visual and auditory memory and discrimination, sequencing, categorization, navigation, and orientation. Gnous combines video game entertainment with brain assessment and brain training Gnous uses video games to assess and boost your brain abilities. Read more [...]

  • Codehouse Five

    Codehouse Five is a Digital Agency that specializes in website design, custom development, mobile apps.  Demand more from your website. We are a team of hardworking developers looking to make your day better in small but significant ways! Our Process Business and requirements analysis Project scoping and design Prototyping and Read more [...]

  • Twosumm

    Use Twosumm to study online with someone at anytime you need to. A simple, human,interactive and social web based studying platform. Twosumm is a web-based platform where University Students and not only can search and connect with other students at anytime from anywhere in the world and study together via our Read more [...]

  • Bunkering at Sea

    Launched in 2013, Bunkering at Sea (Bunkeringatsea.com) is the first integrated web-based platform in its field and aims to provide innovative/optimal network solutions for bunkering through several types of electronic auctions. Our vision is to provide, through electronic auctions, reduced/optimized costs for bunker prices as well as lower administrative costs Read more [...]

  • Cocoon Creations

    Cocoon Creations creates iPhone/iPad and Android apps which are useful, cool, easy to use and always performing to the highest standards. Cocoon Creations is an award winning boutique digital agency based in Cyprus, creating bespoke and beautiful mobile applications with world class standards. We create apps for iPhone, iPad and Android Read more [...]

  • GetStocks

    At GetStocks our goal is to make investing in shares accessible, transparent and fair. For too long, trading real stocks and shares on the Stock Market has been out of the reach for many. The Stock Exchange, where you can buy and own equity in real companies, has been perceived Read more [...]

  • Recrumatic

    Recrumatic is an online interviewing solution that allows recruiters and hiring managers to pre-screen candidates via one-way video interviews and other kinds of assessments. Recrumatic allows you to develop specific questions to ask potential recruits. You can record those questions and send them out via the email listed in the Read more [...]

  • Fax.to

    Fax.to - A pay as you go online faxing service What happens when you encounter the awkard moment where you need to send a fax at a random place?  Much to our surprise its harder than it seems and very unconvenient and expensive to run in the local shop ($1 Read more [...]

  • Danezo

    Danezo is a subscription based hire-purchase service for mobile apps. Danezo - With traditional subscription based services, users typically pay a flat rate (per month). This typically grants the user unlimited access to the entire service - examples: Netflix, xero.com. This model is commonly known as a SaaS model (Software Read more [...]

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