Happy New Year and Thank You for Two Years of CyprusInno!

As 2018 comes to an end, we mark the conclusion of a whirlwind second year for CyprusInno.  We invite you to view a timeline of some of our milestones over the course of the last year. Two years ago this month, after unveiling our digital platform, CyprusInno officially launched as an organization at our first inter-communal business mixer event where a humble yet dedicated group of 30 entrepreneurs from both sides of the island packed into a cafe, vibrantly exchanging ideas and sharing their innovative startup projects and/or businesses. In our second year, we saw this group grow to hundreds, our online community to thousands, and our digital and in-person initiatives multiply as we remained as inspired (if not more) by a strong Cypriot-led passion and commitment to island-wide collaboration. Most importantly, we have been fortunate to witness what a united Cyprus looks like - innovative, diverse, determined, committed, cooperative, collaborative, happy - how it could bring stability and prosperity and serve as a model for the entire world.

We want to thank you, sincerely, for allowing us the opportunity and the privilege to engage and connect Cypriots from all corners of the island through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Thank you to our partners, our supporters, our sponsors, our members and subscribers, our mentors and mentees, our volunteers, our event attendees/participants, in Cyprus and abroad, for your active participation and continued contributions to helping us develop a truly island-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem. CyprusInno was founded on the principle of using entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation to engage Cypriots across both sides of the island. We have been humbled to witness our model in action. Business - economic opportunity and entrepreneurial capital - truly bring people together.

As with each year, we end the current year and begin the new year by presenting a set of themes for what we want to tackle. And so again, for 2019, we ask our favorite question - what’s next? Our focus in 2019, in addition to expanding upon our past and present initiatives, will include: mobile technology for island-wide cooperation, youth entrepreneurship and engagement with academia, industry-specific networking, and island-wide business acceleration. We are so excited for you to see some of what we have planned for the New Year, and we will be launching some of that in the coming months. As always, we invite anyone and everyone to join our team as we look for developers, marketers, trainers, facilitators, designers, and other talented individuals. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@cyprusinno.com.

We have a strong vision to see a collaborative, cooperative, and innovative Cyprus, and we truly believe that the best way to do so is with all Cypriots.  It is amazing what we can achieve when we work together. This was the lesson learned for us in 2018, and one we want to spread in 2019. Cyprus is an island full of incredible people who are talented, passionate, perseverant, creative, open-minded and, above all, peaceful. The future of Cyprus is in the hands of its entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs drive technological, social, and political change by challenging the status quo. It is this very essence that will lead Cyprus to join together towards a new future, and we thank you for joining us on this journey.

Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Towards a united Cyprus through entrepreneurship and innovation,


Steven W. Stavrou                  Burak Berk Doluay
Co-Founder                              Co-Founder
steven@cyprusinno.com       burakdoluay@cyprusinno.com


Author: cyprusinno

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